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Forgotten instruments change lives.

Since its early days, the Candelas Guitar shop understood the benefits of providing the community with access to affordable instruments and repair services. Every once in a while, a few instruments with very little value would be left behind. The cost of a full restoration would not be worth the undertaking. Nevertheless, these instruments still had a lot to offer.

Taking after a decades long tradition put in place by his grandfather and uncle, Tomas takes these limited instruments and makes a few adjustments: new strings, a quick cleaning, etc. It is not much, but music can flow through them once again. Eventually an aspiring musician, a student, or a senior would come by the shop hoping to find an instrument they could afford. Limited by resources, some only come to share their dream of owning one.

If their timing was just right, the shop has one of these instruments ready to go. To their surprise, they are handed one of these "forgotten instruments" free of charge. Recently, after some spring cleaning at the shop, a few of these instruments were identified and lightly fixed by Tomas Delgado. Enlisting the help of his daughter Sofia and son Tomas Candelas, they handed out instruments to the homeless in downtown LA. For those lucky few, the hope is that they do not feel forgotten and that they realize they still have a lot to offer.

Now you can help too!


The Candelas Music and Arts Foundation is proud to announce the launch of our Instrument Donation Program!

If you have a guitar stuffed in a closet, a dusty violin, or a saxophone underneath your bed, you can help! These forgotten instruments can change lives!

Please visit the following page for simple steps on how to donate them to us:

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