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It is my distinct pleasure to present the following artists who have committed their time and resources to continuing my families tradition of giving back. Through building personal relationships with each of them, they witnessed first hand the direct impact they could have in our community and beyond.

Tomas Delgado

Founder and Executive Director

Candelas Music and Arts Foundation

Advisory Board: Text
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11 Grammy Nominations
3 Grammy Wins
East LA Chicano Legends
Advisory Board Members since 2018

Los Lobos recently told a story of their earliest struggles and of their earliest supporter. In the 1970s, it was Candelas Guitar's 2nd generation owner Candelario Delgado. When the band did not have enough money for basic necessities, Candelario would invite them to the shop. It was a safe place for them to jam, get some food, and were given free strings for their instruments! All things they credit to helping them along their musical journey. 

Whenever the call has been made, Los Lobos supported Candelas Guitars and their long standing tradition of giving back. Once the foundation was formed, they answered the call for the foundation's first benefit concert with Gaby Moreno!



Latin Grammy Winner-Best New Artist
3 Grammy Nominations
Advisory Board Member since 2018

Like many visitors, word of mouth led Gaby Moreno to visit the Candelas Guitar shop. The visit led to the foundation's inaugural benefit concert in August 2018. Proceeds raised went to a cause very important to Gaby: rebuilding houses lost in the recent volcano disaster in Guatemala.

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ABC's Grand Hotel
NBC's Bull
Advisory Board Member since 2019

Friends take friends to places they love. Real good friends take them to the Candelas Guitar shop. Feliz was brought to the shop by her friend as the go to place for an instrument. Feliz herself a recipient of a full scholarship to college, understands the impact financial support has on aspiring artists. Landing her first acting job at the age of 4 and with a blossoming career ahead, Feliz jumped into CMAF's corner to support!

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