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The Candelas Music and Arts Foundation was founded by Tomas Delgado in April 2018.

The roots of the organization lie in the humble beginnings of Candelas Guitars.  Founded by Porfirio & Candelario Delgado in 1928, the two brothers began a guitar-making journey that is now in its 3rd generation.  The story of their success, and that of Porfirio's son Candelario (Candy), and of Candy's son Tomas is one built upon the timeless tradition of always giving back.

Candelas Guitars has always been a beacon to those with a love of music, regardless of their social status or pedigree.  The 3 generations of Luthiers have, over their lifetimes, provided the community with an ability to, not only attain instruments they couldn't afford anywhere else, but as well as provided their business as a backdrop for learning and enrichment.  Whether the music was Flamenco, Folk, Classic Trio,  or Rock, everyone is given a chance to learn and to be heard.

Now as Candelas Guitars approaches its Centennial, Tomas believes that it is time to formalize what has been an 90-year mission in giving back.  The Candelas Music & Arts Foundation seeks to provide musicians with an opportunity for learning or enrichment that is centered around the idea of paying it forward.

We welcome you to join us on this journey.   

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