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2nd Boyle Heights Family Awarded Music Scholarships!

Tomas, Lily, Marissa, and Kenneth

We are happy to introduce the next three recipients of our music scholarship program! Please meet another strong knit family from Boyle Heights: Lily, Jesus, and Ciara. Each of them have a strong appreciation for music. Like many residents in Boyle Heights, income brings the pursuit of music and the arts to a halt. Lily is currently expecting her next child and takes care of a 4 year old at home. Her responsibilities to her family alone prevent her from enjoying time for herself. Jesus works tireless hours as the soul bread winner to provide for his growing family. The foundation had the flexibility to grant all three of them with the opportunity to learn music for one year!

When asked what music means to him, Jesus stated, "music is something beautiful that helps me forget about my problems and makes me happy. I imagine a christmas where my wife and my kids are playing music or are spending time together for any occasion." His 15 year old daughter Ciara knew exactly how learning music would help her. "It is going to be a good outlet for me. When I have stress or something is going is something good I can [focus] my attention [on]." As a mother, Lily understands the importance of spending quality time with her children. Her daughter, now a teenager, will soon leave to do great things and said "it means a lot [to me] spending time as a family and having something to do with my 15 year old daughter."

Mom has class all by herself where she can learn in a peaceful environment. During that time, Jesus and his daughter Ciara take care of the 4 year old at home. Once mom is done, Jesus and his daughter come afterwards for their lessons. When the family is together at home, they now have something to bond over beyond their day to day responsibilities. They take turns explaining material to each other, they practice giving meaningful feedback without negative criticism, and push each other with positivity when they face challenges.

"This was my vision. To ensure that there would be no hidden roadblocks at home! I will continue to seek out real individuals that can truly benefit from our Foundation so that we get the most out of our donors efforts!" -Tomas Delgado

Thank you to all of our current donors for making this family's dream a reality. You have given more than the gift of music to them. You gave a hard working family the time to spend quality time together.

We need your help! Please help us expand our impact and improve our programing. Do so by becoming a sustaining donor by clicking here. If you are a current donor, consider increasing your monthly contribution. Finally, if you have a business or are in a position to do more, please reach out to us directly for sponsorship opportunities at or by calling us at (323) 942-3122.

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