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Our first benefactor: Akayla Embry

From right: Tomas Delgado, Akayla, her mother, Kenneth Del Rio

We are happy to present the first benefactor of the Candelas Music and Arts Foundation: Akayla! Akayla is a senior in high school at John Marshall. Born in Santa Cruz CA, she comes from a family of six. Her mother cares for her father suffering from ALS and has three brothers attending college out of state. Akayla is in the final rounds of the Posse Foundation’s scholarship program. If selected, she will be awarded a scholarship to cover full tuition to college!

One of our goals is to help close the music and arts gaps for local students. There are hard working students in every neighborhood beating the odds. Many times this means cutting out the arts to do so. After hearing about Akayla, we provided her with an experience she will cherish forever: VIP tickets to the Bruno Mar’s concert at the Staples Center!

Knowing that she did not get to this point alone, her mother was also given a ticket to enjoy the night alongside her daughter!

Stay tuned! The Candelas Music and Arts Foundation will be opening up scholarship applications for private music lessons.

Do you have concert tickets you would like to donate? Please do so and receive a tax donation letter! Contact us via email us at

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