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Carnegie Hall came to Candelas!

Dr. Eduardo Costa performing for a captivated crowd!

We had an impressive turnout for the first solo concert hosted by the Candelas Music and Arts Foundation! It was our honor to present Dr. Eduardo Minozzi Costa to our extended Candelas family! Winner of 13 international competitions, Dr. Costa made his Carnegie Hall debut in 2011 and is a D'addario sponsored musician. Originally from Brazil, he was awarded a cultural visit to the US and was subsequently awarded a full scholarship to obtain his doctoral degree at Arizona State University.

The Candelas Music and Arts Foundation's mission is to improve the lives of musicians and artists. On this night, we did just that! We provided Dr. Costa a with a different audience to present master works by Augustin Barrios, Baden Powell, and Issac Albeniz. He also presented his own composition entitled "Portrait of Fall" New fans were made and Dr. Costa received 3 standing ovations! As a meaningful tribute, Dr. Costa chose to perform his entire program on a 2018 Tomas Delgado classical guitar made at the Candelas Guitar shop in Boyle Heights!

Dr. Costa playing a 2018 Tomas Delgado classical guitar at the Candelas Guitar shop.

We would also like to also thank Dr. Lani Cup-Choy for sharing her beautiful art work and photography that surrounded us that night!

Original artwork and photographs by Dr. Lani Cup-Choy

Proceeds raised at the event will support our programs that include private music lessons for local students. The type of sponsorship that Dr. Costa received early on allowed him to pursue a career in music. His talents are now gifts to everyone who sees him perform. For each person that was present at the event and to every donor, you are allowing our foundation to have the same impact.

Special Thanks to:

1. Candelas Guitars

2. The board members and their families

3. Las Flautas Restaurant for catering

4. All who were present, especially our sustaining donors!

Consider becoming a sustaining donor! For other sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to us at

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